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Your subscription to really works for you. It includes site submission through the most sophisticated program for site submission. Your URL's site information is sent to over 300, regularly updated algorithm, search engines in English speaking countries, and over 1000 engines for all countries. I manually submit your site to (US) Google, Yahoo, Ask, and Bing as part of your Submission order. After completion of the submission, you will receive a Submission Report.

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You can make changes to your site or your customers sites to improve meta data suggestions and content. All this effort, on a monthly basis, is to help you get a higher ranking from Google and the rest of the Search Engine industry bringing more paying customers to your site. The process continues monthly for the life of your subscription. You can cancel at any time. You receive a prorated refund through a simple, so far unused, Unsubscribe button on this site.

Search Engine Submission is only the first step in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Before your site can be optimized and improve in ranking, it must first be indexed by at least one of the four major search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing, or Ask. Immediately after the first Search Engine Submission is completed your site is indexed and crawlers or spiders are directed to your site, This is an automated, continuous process. The data collected is parsed by a system of routinely changing instructions called The Algorithm. Those instructions change frequently but Keywords are still the most important constant. Keyword location and density are a couple of the variables that affect ranking.You submission reports indicates the strength and weaknesses and offers suggestions for better placement

Our submission service is the fastest way to get a site indexed by Google. Only after a site is submitted and indexed can an SEO technician work on the process to improve ranking. Our report is useful to exerienced SEO developers as much as Subscribers just learning.

Ranking correlates directly to hits and revenue from targeted customers. The search engines will direct searches to sites that have content directly related to keywords. Suppose you came here from the future to sell Time Machines. Your content and corresponding keywords would reflect science, technology, past and future, for instance. If you misapply the keywords or phrases, you will get lots of hits from people looking for a clock or watch. If it happened more than once, your customer would be reluctant to depend on search engines. As search engines compete to improve the search experience, web developers must be persistent in updating content, doing the necessary SEO tasks and then submitting the site to search engines in order to maintain a high ranking.